• Rosalie is a breath of fresh air for career direction and advice. In 2 hours, she provided me with practical and applicable competency recognition to help improve my career forecast. She took the time to listen to my elevator speech and carefully evaluate my Resume’ in order to assist me in recognizing a simple, yet profound fact. Rosalie explained my historical competencies will not determine my future opportunities. While her explanation was short and to the point, it created a whirlwind of new options for me to consider as related to my career direction. Rosalie’s heart-felt approach to career options is an exceptional asset to CCG. – Contracts Manager, Dallas Texas


  • I have worked with others in this area and I have to say Rosalie has been the best. I am a perfectionist when it comes to how I am perceived by my counter parts in the business world and Rosalie put together my information and profile perfectly. I do not recommend many people but Rosalie is one I would and I have recommended to people in my network. She made this process very easy and enjoyable and I will be a life long client. – Sales Executive, Boston Massachusetts


  • I have been fortunate enough to work with Rosalie and have received exceptional assistance and advice in her role as my professional coach. I am a General Counsel for a multi-billion dollar company and you can imagine the issues I deal with daily, not to mention the need to resolve issues by leveraging strong relationships. Rosalie has an uncanny insight and ability to help you discern roadblocks and find workable solutions that make a significant difference. Quite frankly, I’m more influential and productive as a CG thanks to Rosalie. That’s not only good for me it’s great for my client too! – General Counsel, Dallas Texas


  • Consilium Consulting has been an invaluable resource in building our workforce and human resource processes. They have skillfully crafted job descriptions, researched salaries, and developed a competitive sales model to be used by our sales team. Consilium Consulting has empowered me to be confident as a leader and redeemed the time we need to build what will someday be a billion dollar hospitality organization. I am grateful to work with a firm that is as serious about the growth and success of our company as we are. – President, Dallas Texas