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  • Help! I'm Working With People I Don't Like!

      Even the folks who rave about loving their job can sometimes find themselves unfortunately working with people they don’t like. Some may say it doesn’t really matter whether you like your co-workers. What matters is your ability to work with them professionally. I agree, that we may not always like the individuals with whom we […]

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      Rosalie Taylor-Robinson We are all “Rock Stars” in our own minds. Sometimes however, there is a booming inner voice that tries to curtail our Cyndi-Lauper-like dance. We end up whimpering, doubting, and sometimes, curled up in absolute fear. It comes from listening to that one board member on our internal Board of Directors who creates […]

  • No Regrets, Just A Well Executed Plan

      By Rosalie Robinson I had a colleague challenge me to think about four things that if I didn’t do them in the next six months I’d look back and wish I had.  Just that phrase touched a spot in me, a tender spot filling with “regret”.  I couldn’t believe the tears that suddenly welled up and ran […]

  • CCG Proudly Supports "Pioneers In Skirts" Documentary Film

        What Does It Take For Women To Succeed In The Workplace? Director’s Statement “Pioneers in Skirts” began when I directed a short historical film about the women’s organization, “Business & Professional Women” or BPW. The women in the film taught me how far working women have come over the last 100 years. I also […]

  • Personal Branding - It's All About You

      By Suzette Cotto Personal branding is a conscious campaign to “package” yourself in a way that is authentic and memorable.  It’s about making a unique impression about who you are and your personal style.  By defining your physical appearance and digital online presence with your areas of knowledge and expertise, a savvy “marketer”, can build […]

  • Fear Is A Four-Letter Word for Entrepreneurs

      By Patti Villalobos Growing up, my father helped people get loans to start small businesses. I remember friends whose fathers were doctors. That sounded cool. Or worked for the post office. I knew what the postman did. What does an 8-year old know about consulting? My siblings and I used to visit my dad’s office […]