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We are all “Rock Stars” in our own minds. Sometimes however, there is a booming inner voice that tries to curtail our Cyndi-Lauper-like dance. We end up whimpering, doubting, and sometimes, curled up in absolute fear. It comes from listening to that one board member on our internal Board of Directors who creates imbalance for us. That voice that casts a negative shadow over what may have been a very positive and potentially successful situation. Ultimately, it is a personal and internal battle.

How does our “inner voice” affect our success?

It starts with that spurious thing called, “self-doubt”. Research has confirmed that self-doubt can seriously impair our performance. It causes us to stop doing the basics. In some instances we get scared to try new activities and completely lose motivation. Before you know it we start engaging in defensive actions in an attempt to avoid failure. Now we’re really on a slippery slope. By not trying we start to undermine and limit our growth, our ability to change.

How do self-limiting thoughts show up in our actions?

It starts with just being unrealistic sometimes and not giving ourselves credit or even a little grace when things don’t go quite as expected. Before you know it that negative member on our internal Board of Directors raises a rallying cry so loud that we start sabotaging ourselves. Indulging in eating or drinking binges. Can’t sleep because we replay the most negative parts of the day; we stay up and amuse ourselves with games, maybe a little Candy Crush or Words With Friends. We become disinterested in things we really used to enjoy – a good golf game with a buddy, cooking with friends, or even sex. At work it may cause us to miss deadlines. Avoid interactions. Appear disinterested because of our reaction or lack of action. It’s almost like being in a death spiral, a career death spiral.

What simple steps can you take to maintain your “Rock Star” performance?

Follow these five simple tips to maintain your inner “Rock Star’s” high performance:

Inner Rock Star Race


  • Know Your Purpose
    Why are you here? How do you make a difference? Why is what you do important?  Know that, be able to share that, and refer to it whenever doubt creeps in. Remind yourself why you’re important. Reaffirm your inner “Rock Star”.
  • Understand Your Values
    Your beliefs support your achieving your purpose. It also informs your vision for your life and your mission in life. It is the heart and soul of your “Rock Star”.
  • Capitalize Your Strengths
    Don’t waste time compensating for your weaknesses. That’s not what got you where you are. Instead capitalize on what’s made you a “Rock Star” what you do well and people consistently expect from you. Let your authentic self-shine.
  • Make Your Health A Priority
    The Universe has a way of letting each of us know when we really need a break. It may be a subtle message or loud alert – listen to it. We are not machines; multitasking has been challenged as ineffective. Recognize your humanity and take care of your health – rest, eat right, exercise, and connect.
  • Keep Company With Uplifting People Who Share Your Values
    Connect with people that lift you up, share your values, and are willing to provide realistic, balanced, and candid feedback. Replace any internal Board of Director who creates confusion or negative imbalance.


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